Happy Headstone Hunting!
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Names are in alphabetical order; however, variants of the surname as Lumbard are treated as one - with the exception of Lambert.
ADAMS, Edna C.1889-1921Lone Elm Cemetery
ADAMS, Guy H.1888-1913Lone Elm Cemetery
HUMBERT, Elsie M.1877-1912Lone Elm Cemetery
CLEAVER, Wilma1910-2006Lakeview Cemetery
LUMBARD, Albert Weaver1810-1895Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Earl LeRoy1898-1983Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Edna C.1889-1921Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Edward Jackson1922-1995Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Elsie M.1877-1912Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Esther E.1901-1991Lone Elm Cemetery
LUMBARD, Frank Everette1924-2000Topeka Cemetery
LOMBARD, Hannah Jane1878-1964Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Horace Edward1872-1930Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Irene Sophia1908-1926Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Lena May1893-1894Mount Hope Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mark E.1956-1956Lone Elm Cemetery
LOMBARD, Nancy Elizabeth1856/59-1923Mount Hope Cemetery
LUMBARD, Novalie1920-2003Topeka Cemetery
LOMBARD, Robert Dean1924-1975Osawatomie Cemetery
LOMBARD, William Duros1839-1907Mount Hope Cemetery
LOMBARD, Wilma1910-2006Lakeview Cemetery
MOUNT, Novalie1920-2003Topeka Cemetery
NEWHARDT, Nancy Elizabeth1856/59-1923Mount Hope Cemetery
ROBERTSON, Hannah Jane1878-1964Lone Elm Cemetery
TIPPIN, Esther E.1901-1991Lone Elm Cemetery