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Victoria Zimmerman spearheaded the effort to get this legislation passed in Pennsylvania and it was signed into law on July 4, 2008.  Great job, Victoria!  She'll still be monitoring communities for their compliance with the new law.  Keep her informed.  For parents of multiples, the text of the legislation can be found here.
Are you a parent/ grandparent of multiples or know someone who is?  Check out this site.
Got kids?  Earn some rewards for college.

Products that worked or are working great for us!
(Beyond the videos, the bowls with the no-skid bottoms are great!  Don't bother getting the spoons.)
(Hauling two of them around, these were a great help...until they got too big for them!)
(Pregnant?  I can not recommend this pillow enough!!  I also found it great to use for those middle of the night breastfeedings.)
(only lock that is still working for us)
(Supplementing or going to formula only?  Gentle on the kids' tummies.)

(Kathy Dolan is doing a wonderful job keeping track of all the states and where they are on twins legislation.  If you're from a state other than Pennsylvania, check out this site and help get this type of legislation in your state and eventually into federal law.)

Pennsylvania Genealogy
Tim Gruber is spearheading an effort to get Pennsylvania death certificates over 50 years old online for genealogical research.  Please help him out.

(Nice, free genealogy graphics)
(Old-world-feel free graphics)
(Free animated graphics)

Starfall - Learn to Read

Handwriting Without Tears

Some of the kids' favorite books to date

Any Little Einsteins book

Any Baby Einsteins book

Any Baby Genius book

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