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Names are in alphabetical order; however, variants of the surname as Lumbard are treated as one - with the exception of Lambert.
ATKINS, Jemima1751-1805Old North Cemetery
AYRES, Hannah1809-1875Snow Cemetery
BAKER, Anna1697-1747Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery
BINNEY, Elizabeth1703-1787Old North Cemetery
COLE, Sarah1729-1762Old North Cemetery
DAVIS, Mary1731-1782Barnstable-Centerville Ancient Cemetery
FREEMAN, Elizabeth1708-1771Old North Cemetery
FREMAN, Rebekah1754-1790Old North Cemetery
GROSS, Anna1799-1879Snow Cemetery
GROSS, Jazaniah1796-1819Old North Cemetery
HARDING, Bethiah1714-1786Old North Cemetery
HUGHES, Angelina Maria1831-1875Snow Cemetery
KNOWLES, Mehitable1755-1785Old North Cemetery
LEWES, Hannah1677-1743Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Angelina Maria1831-1875Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, Anna1697-1747Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery
LOMBARD, Anna1724-1774Wellfleet Duck Creek Cemetery
LOMBARD, Anna1799-1879Snow Cemetery
LUMBART, Benjamin1726-1777Barnstable-Centerville Ancient Cemetery
LOMBARD, Benjamin1815-1882Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, Beny1771-1794Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Bethiah1714-1786Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Caleb1736-1811Eastham Bridge Road Cemetery
LOMBARD, Christopher M.1939-1999Greenlawn Cemetery
LOMBARD, Daniel1751-1797Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Daniel1778-1800Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Daniel (David)1796-1850Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, David Jr.1825-1910Snow Cemetery
LUMBART, Ebenezer1705-1767Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Ebenezar1744-1744Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Eddie E.1871-1875Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, Elizabeth1703-1787Old North Cemetery
LUMBARD, Elizabeth1708-1771Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Elizabeth1723-1793Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Elizabeth1741-1818Old North Cemetery
LUMBARD, Eva Edith1901-1987Hillcrest Park Cemetery
LOMBARD, Ephraim1713-1801Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Hannah1677-1743Old North Cemetery
LUMBARD, Hannah1732-1735Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Hannah1743-1743Old North Cemetery
LOMEBARD, Hannah1775-1825Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Hannah1756-1800Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Hannah1809-1875Snow Cemetery
LUMBARD, Hezekiah1747-1747Old North Cemetery
LUMBERT, Ichabod1746-1810Barnstable Hyannis Cemetery
LUMBART, Infant (stillborn)1744-1744Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Israel1746-1823Old North Cemetery
LOMEBARD, Israil1776-1821Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, James1703-1769Old North Cemetery
LUMBARD, James1769-1817Old North Cemetery
LOMEBARD, James1777-1777Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, James1782-1783Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, James Jr.1792-1819Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, James Jr.1792-1819Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, James1821-1822Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, James1823-1878Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, James H.1845-1870Wellfleet Lombard Cemetery
LUMBER, Jedidiah1669-1739Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Jemima1751-1805Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Jemima Atkins1807-1836Truro Congregational Cemetery
LUMBARD, John1728-1748Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Josiah1814-1875Snow Cemetery
LUMBART, Joseph1722-1747Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery
LUMBARD, Joseph1752-1783Barnstable-Centerville Ancient Cemetery
LOMBARD, Joseph Atkins1812-1816Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Lewis1739-1814Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Lewis1767-1835Truro Congregational Church Cemetery
LOMBARD, Lewis1801-1879Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, Marie Eulalie1884-1955Saint Joseph's Cemetery
LUMBART, Mary1731-1758Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Mary1731-1782Barnstable-Centerville Ancient Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mary1754-1776Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mary P.1814-1859Wellfleet Lombard Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mehitable1755-1785Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mehitible1795-1876Snow Cemetery
LOMBARD, Mercy1732-1747Barnstable Lothrop Hill Cemetery
LOMBARD, Metilda Ayres1815-1822Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Parker1718-1754West Barnstable Cemetery
LUMBARD, Peter1739-1765Old North Cemetery
LUMBERT, Phebe1781-1798Barnstable-Centerville Ancient Cemetery
LOMBARD, Rebecca (poss. Rebecca PAINE)1763-1836Truro Methodist Cemetery
LOMBARD, Rebekah1740-1785Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Rebekah1754-1790Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Richard P.1789-1859Wellfleet Pleasant Hill Cemetery
LUMBART, Sarah1729-1762Old North Cemetery
LUMBARD, Sarah1730-1747Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Sarah1730-1758Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Sarah1733-1735Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Simon1701-1725Old North Cemetery
LUMBART, Thankful1733-1763Old North Cemetery
LUMBER, Thomas1671-1736Old North Cemetery
LUMBER, Thomas1698-1775Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Thomas1786-1819Old North Cemetery
LOMBARD, Thomas1813-1873Wellfleet Lombard Cemetery
PAINE, Mary1731-1758Old North Cemetery
PAINE, Joshua1792-1821Old North Cemetery
PERRY, Marie Eulalie1884-1955Saint Joseph's Cemetery
PIKE, Elizabeth1741-1818Old North Cemetery
RICH, John1733-1806Old North Cemetery
RICH, Thankful1733-1763Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, Ebenezer1794-1795Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, Hannah1756-1800Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, John1746-1820Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, John Jr.1787-1813Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, Lewes Lumber1789-1791Old North Cemetery
SELLEW, Thomas1791-1791Old North Cemetery
SMALL, Daniel Lombard1825-1826Truro Methodist Cemetery
SMITH, Rebekah1740-1785Old North Cemetery
SNOW, Anthony (poss. son of Michael SNOW & Jenny LOMBARD)1803-1828Truro Congregational Cemetery
STEVENS, Mehitible1795-1876Snow Cemetery
THERIAQUE, Eva Edith1901-1987Hillcrest Park Cemetery
THERIAQUE, Ernest Joseph1895-1986Hillcrest Park Cemetery